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Get a Music Review

        Getting ready to compete in a folk-instrument/singing contest?  Want some feedback on arrangement before presenting an original song to an agent?  I will be happy to give your work a listen, make notes of my impressions, and then you and I will arrange a time to meet on the phone to talk about them (for those living in the US or Canada; we'll use email if you live elsewhere, unless you want to call across an ocean) to discuss strengths and weaknesses in arrangement, pitch, rhythm, diction (where applicable), etc.  
        To get started, choose the plan that suits you best:

  • Plan #1: The Competition Special** ($275 for 4 tunes in the US and Canada; $300 outside North America)--This plan serves somewhat as "virtual music lessons."  Some back-and-forth is necessary between you and I because folk-instrument contests usually require 4 tunes (click here for more information), which means a lot of listening is involved.  So, this plan includes three phone visits (via email for those outside North America) following each of three submissions of your recordings (#1: you present what you have; #2: you submit tweaks; #3: you submit still more tweaks, in hopes that everything has come together).  First impressions count heavily here because that's all a judge gets.  My ear places greater focus on arrangement than technique, although technique is certainly important.  
            Additional sessions beyond the three included with this plan are payable in advance at $60 per session in the US and Canada, or $75 outside of North America.  (There is no need to consider extra sessions now; you can decide if you need more help once session #3 is completed.)
            I won't guarantee that you will win or even place as a result of our time together (there are too many variables, as mentioned in this article; however, I do guarantee that you'll learn some nifty things about arranging along the way, which will be beneficial for performance as well.  For me as a "killer arranger" (according to one Walnut Valley Festival judge), arrangement counts for most everything!
  • Plan #2: The Half-a-Competition Special** ($150 for 2 tunes in the US and Canada; $175 outside North America)--A three-part series like plan #1, involving only two tunes.

**Because Plans #1 and #2 take time to complete, interested parties are requested to commence at least three months prior to the competition date.  
    A lead time of 4-6 months is better yet.  Completing the sessions by three weeks before the contest date is recommended.

  • Plan #3: Short and Sweet Feedback ($40 per tune in the US and Canada; $50 per tune outside North America)--This plan offers first-impression listening, but with one (1) phone visit (maximum of 20 minutes, with the focus being on quality of arrangement rather than instrumental technique).  Additional feedback/phone visits are payable in advance at $60 per tune in the US and Canada, or $70 outside of North America.

        Now fill out the application form  below and send it in with your check or money order.  When these are received, if you choose to email .mp3 files, I will contact you via email so you know where to send them.  Do not send .mp3 files through the email address at this site.

How to prepare your recordings

  • Audio files only.  No videos.
  • Your recordings don't have to be professional quality; however, please record in a sensible environment.  Distracting background noise or poor volume levels may make your best efforts difficult to hear, so make them right the first time.  Live, in-concert recordings are ok as long as they sound clear.
  • Place each tune or song on a separate track.
  • Send all the tracks for your chosen plan at the same time.
  • Plans #1 and #2: Do not announce the title of each tune or song at the beginning of each track. Also, name each track >by number< (preferably in the order you intend to play them, if you know this) and include your first initial and surname in the file name; example: 1--JSmith.mp3.  (Reason: Winfield KS and other contest judges usually never know what they are about to hear.) 
  • Plan #3: You may name tracks by titles if you wish; include your first initial and last name in the file name, too; example: SomethingMore--JSmith.mp3
  • If you send songs on a CD via snail mail, include the lyrics in the envelope.

Application form

State/Province  Zip +4/Postal Code  - Country:
Phone (best number): This is my home  cell  business: ()  email:

Competitors only: date of the contest I am entering (mm/dd/yyyy): / /

Instrument I am competing with:

Plan choice: Plan #1 (Competition/4 tunes: $275 in US/Canada; $300 outside N. America) 

                     Plan #2 (Half-a-Competition/2 tunes: $150 in US/Canada; $175 outside N. America) 

                     Plan #3 (Short and Sweet: $40 per tune in US/Canada; $50 per tune outside N. America)  

A CD with my tracks is enclosed (please enclose lyrics, if applicable).                  I will send .mp3 files when instructed to do so. 
    (If you want your CDs returned, please add $5 for return mail.  CDs will be
     returned upon completion of the plan chosen.  CDs not returned will be destroyed.)

Great!  Now print this page, and make out a check or money order payable to Lucille Reilly.
Send both (and a CD, unless you will send .mp3 files electronically) to:

Lucille Reilly
P.O. Box 7338
Denver, CO  80207

        Before you leave this page, allow pop-ups if you need to, and then so I can keep an eye out at the mailbox for your envelope.

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