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This page leads to several short tutorials, all based on questions I’ve been asked or playing situations I’ve met while teaching or observing.

Tutorials in the General category at left apply to hammered dulcimer, autoharp and sometimes other instruments, too.

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  • If I hold my new autoharp upright, should I use a strap?

    • Lucille Reilly says:

      Hi Mary Ellen,

      I don’t use a strap. Instead, I use a “hip pouch,” which you can read about here. Granted, this means sitting to play, but the beauty of the pouch is that it shores up the autoharp from underneath so that your arms can get around it easily, as opposed to having its weight bear down on your shoulders, limiting essential arm movement for playing. I am available for private webcam lessons, where we can look at set-up issues, along with anything you want to know about playing. For now, though, read up about the hip pouch and see if that does the job for you! I’ve been using it for 14 years now, and it’s great!!

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