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  • For diatonic autoharp, have a listen and look-see here.
  • My student, Ken Sluce of Australia, can be found playing here.  Our lessons we’re necessarily via webcam.  My only regret is that i didn’t think to ask Ken to record himself before we commenced 2 1/2 years of almost weekly lessons in order to have a before-and-after comparison.  (It’s easy to think, “Boy, she didn’t have much to do, did she?”  I had plenty to do to help Ken reign in his sound to what you hear now, and enjoyed the privilege of hearing his sound grow and mature.)  Ken took everything to heart during his lessons and practiced many, many untold hours on his own.  Ken, I’m real proud of you.  Keep blessing our ears with beautiful music!
  • April, 1991 (a long time ago at a festival far, far away): I’m playing hammered dulcimer at the NEFFA festival!  If you have time, listen to the whole thing, because the late Bob McQuillen is always good to hear!  This is a collection of four videos.  A much younger me(!) is jamming at 2:14 and playing a jig with Rum & Onions at 6:08 (catch the technique, all ye hammerers!) while the dancers dance “A Flirting Attempt”, choreographed by dance friend Marian Hepburn from NJ.  And just in case you think that’s me playing autoharp with Drew Smith and Bob at the beginning of the video, it’s Pamela Roberts of Massachusetts.  I had been playing autoharp less than a year at that time (and didn’t even know about “chord-&-release” playing), so the hammered dulcimer was clearly my instrument of choice at this time.
  • Juse 26, 2015: Hear snippets throughout the Mountain Laurel Autoharp Championship of all contestants (I am #5 in the preliminary round and #3 in the final round), and see what happens at the end.  For the blog account, click here.

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