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The Hammered Dulcimer and Autoharp Loaner Program was created after my student, Florence Hollis, and my good friend and dulcimer builder, Michael Autorino, passed away in 1987.  Each willed me a dulcimer.  Rather than sell them, I decided to dedicate them for use by interested, wannabe players who live nearby and want to try their hand at playing the dulcimer before they buy, to see if they have not only a knack for it but also the time to spend playing it (face it, buying a dulcimer is the easy part). To the dulcimers, a couple autoharps have been added as well.

The Loaner Program costs $150 for the use of the instrument and four weekly 45-minute lessons.  (No exceptions to weekly lessons, except if a snowstorm crops up or one of us Windsor up in hospital.)  I am available to teach lessons during the day, as well as in the evenings (Saturday is my last choice; however, if that’s your best time, state that on the application).  You pick up the instrument one week prior to your first lesson (you will have easy “homework” for your first lesson), and then you return it one week after your fourth and final lesson.  If you decide to purchase an instrument during our time together, I will be happy to advise you on makes and models; please visit the FAQs page to bone up on features and such.  And if you decide four lessons are enough of an experience, that’s fine, too.  There’s no hard sell here.  The point of loaner lessons is to find out whether this musical instrument is worth the investment of your time as well as your money.

Fill out the loaner lessons application below to get started!

Loaner Lessons Application



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