The best autoharp teacher in the world.   —Mike Fenton, England, master autoharpist and Autoharp Hall of Fame member

Lucille Reilly is in a class by herself when it comes to playing and teaching the dulcimer.  I always look forward to her workshops because they have more to them than just learning a tune and puppeting it back.   —hammered dulcimer player Norine Humm, Michigan


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With a college degree in music education, augmented with training in Body Mapping (an offshoot of Alexander Technique), I am well equipped to teach hammered dulcimer players and autoharpists of all experience levels.  I strive to answer How and Why, two items that have increased in importance now that some hammered dulcimer players are coming to me with unnecessary musicians’ injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injury.

Lessons and workshops are available on hammered dulcimer, autoharp (chromatic and especially diatonic), beginning mountain dulcimer, and all sizes of recorders, in addition to coaching on many other instruments.  Students receive guidance on more than “right notes;” I teach music through the body towards each instrument, instead of just the instrument, by focusing on the player, showing how to make playing feel easy (which means it’s healthy, too) and fun!  I move at a snail’s pace to ensure success, and think outside the box in ways that many players don’t expect.  The goal is to help every student play on “cruise control,” which also sets them up to play musically.  From these basics, they can move on to the loftier goals of jamming, solo arranging, and the like.

I teach privately, in person as well as on Skype and FaceTime, as well as at festivals and to dulcimer and autoharp clubs.  (I am also comfortable teaching those who own linear chromatic dulcimers, and have been known to teach music in French–ooh, la, la.)  Then there are “extended-play” classes lasting 3-5 days.

If you live in or near the metro Denver area and want to try dulcimer or autoharp before you buy, read about my dulcimer and autoharp loaner program.  If it sounds like it’s for you, fill out the application form and send it in.

Click on any of the links above to see the wide array of student opportunities awaiting you.  Or, if you already know what you want, contact me.


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