The Strand Theater

With the introduction of my revamped web site in March, 2015, I decided to admit that the other strings I have loved from a young age are yarn and thread.

My aunt taught me to knit when I was nine years old.  I mostly didn’t knit until 2005, when I at last began to knit by ear (??), beginning with pattern-less socks.  Four years later, I knitted the first of nine sweaters without patterns or seams.  Somewhere in between, fingerless gloves, Moebius knitting (never-ending!) and arm knitting (yes, using one’s arms as knitting needles) for a scarf in less than an hour!

Over the years there has been sewing, tatting, crochet, weaving, spinning and beadwork.  I’m thinking about chain maille and wire beads, but haven’t indulged yet (no time–imagine that!).  I love intricacy; it’s something I strive for in music as well, so it’s not surprising to see that carry over to crafts.

What can I say?  My father was an engineer, and my husband is an engineer.  I’ve definitely got the same bent.

The links in the left sidebar will take you to some of my more stellar knitted projects.  For those of you who are registered at the Ravelry (knitting social-media) web site, my “handle” is ceilr; you’ll find more projects there on my Projects page.  And I contribute with some regularity to Knitters Review, where my “handle” is Ceil.

Enjoy the eye candy you’ll find here while I get back to my music work.  Oh, and if anyone cares, I cook by ear, too.  Just ask my B&B students.

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