Update your CD track information!

If your iTunes application (and many other applications for non-Apple mobile devices except Microsoft) shows “Track 01, Track 02,” etc., when you play my CDs, it is now possible to convert them to show the actual titles, thanks to Gracenote.com’s Recognition Service!  To do it, you’ll need your computer, an Internet connection and each original CD.

For Android and other devices, simply pop the disc in the drive and the titles will show up right away (so Gracenote tells me).

For iTunes, do this:

  1. Open iTunes in your computer. (Do not open the iTunes store!)
  2. Put the CD into your CD-ROM drive.  iTunes will open and show the numbered tracks on the disc.
  3. In the upper right corner of the screen, click on Options, then click on Get Track Names.
  4. Now watch “Accessing Gracenote” spin (don’t sneeze; you may miss it; it’s really fast). You’ll know when this step is completed, because you will see all tracks in the list with the actual titles.
  5. In the upper right corner of the screen (or wherever), click on Import CD.
  6. Sync the tracks to your mobile device.

All of the updates will show in the iTunes player application (not the iTunes store), QMP, products by Sony, Creative, Samsung, Nero, Roxio and many others that are licensed to use the Gracenote Recognition Service.

Happy listening!