The Hammered Dulcimer A-Chording

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This book clearly explains music theory as it relates to the hammered dulcimer. You’ll discover all the possible ways to play triads and inversions, the different types of chords, how to navigate your way easily through two- and three-octave arpeggios, and then learn to play several back-up techniques so you can chord along at jam sessions. Includes the chords to all 50 tunes in Striking Out and Winning!

2 reviews for The Hammered Dulcimer A-Chording

  1. Jim Peterson, WI

    A-Chording has been helpful getting some simple concepts into my head that I just couldn’t seem to click on before. I’ve had the book about three days. – Jim Peterson, WI

  2. Mitzie Collins, dulcimer performer/recording artist, New York State

    Probably the most complete book on chording for dulcimer players that will ever be written. Lucille slowly dissects every aspect of chord playing and takes it from the magical level of “You just do it like this!” (whatever this is!) to a logical and rational series of steps that can be followed with success by any intermediate level dulcimer player. – Mitzie Collins, dulcimer performer/recording artist, New York State

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