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These hilarious, 3 1/2″ x 3″ pouches are ingeniously made from one long zipper (as shown by the blue pouch, which unzips to a length of about 26 1/4″.) They are great for holding those stray coins in your pocket, but I admit that I use mine to carry my autoharp picks and display it proudly when I perform. Unzip the first, diagonal length to retrieve your picks and expose its teeth! A large lobster clasp is sewn securely to one corner of the pouch when zipped so you can attach it to a belt loop, hip pouch or purse. As to what to do with it when it’s unzipped: um, walk your dog? Annoy your cat? Create a fashion necklace? It’s up to you! Choose your color: royal blue, Broncos orange, and hot pink.

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Broncos Orange, Hot Pink, Royal Blue


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