All in a Garden Green


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This long awaited CD features breath-taking English and Scottish country dance tunes, music by J. Scott Skinner and Shetland fiddling legend Tom Anderson, plus two original compositions by Lucille Reilly in the same genre. Each tune is performed on one of six diatonic autoharps, sensitively arranged with original melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic treatments inspired by performance practice from the sixteenth to the mid-eighteenth centuries. An elegant addition to everyone’s library.

Selections include: All in a Garden Green * Off She Goes * Portsmouth * Princess Royal (Bampton) * The Carillon of Sneek * Jamaica * The Fandango * The Cradle Song (J. Scott Skinner) * Jack’s Maggot * Robby Robertson’s March (Lucille Reilly) * Hector the Hero (J. Scott Skinner) * Rory O’More * Absolutely Lovely (Lucille Reilly) * Skye Boat Song * On Cessnock Bank * Am Buaichaille Ban (The Fair Shepherd) * Peter’s Peerie Boat (Tom Anderson) $15


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