Contra Intuitive




Here is dance music for hammered dulcimer and piano, unlike anything you’ve heard! Lucille Reilly and pianist Jill Smith introduce each tune “the way it goes” (to their ears, anyway; this is folk music, after all), and then they interpret it: Lucille noodles all over the strings, painting each tune with the sounds of fresh, resonant variations, which Jill supports by tickling the ivories imaginatively. Together, Lucille and Jill create a listening experience that will bring you back to this CD again and again. These masterfully arranged fiddle tunes for contra dancing (and a weekend breakfast, vacuuming your house, etc.!), plus one hambo and one waltz, will have you tapping your toes in no time. Better yet, grab a partner and dance!

Selections include: Dick Gossip’s Reel * Double lead Through/Cincinnati * Pretty Little Dog/Liberty * Tenpenny Bit/Morrison’s Jig * Waiting for Nancy (Curt Bouterse) * Karis Pers Polska * Ragtime Annie * Swallowtail Jig/Swallowtail Reel * Reel des jeunes mariés/Eddie’s Reel * Fair Jenny’s Jig (Peter Barnes)/Dancing Bear (Bob McQuillen) * Scotland the Brave/Golden Slippers * Amelia (Bob McQuillen) $15

Woo Hoo! Leg slappin’ goooood!…I think I listened to it four times tonight already. Such happy music, and the subtle rhythms are astonishing! My dog dances with me, too. It’s too funny! – Louise Del Vecchio, New Jersey


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