Striking Out and Winning – Instruction Book


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Striking Out and Winning! A music-maker’s guide for the hammered dulcimer: First published in 1984, Striking Out’s second edition (1992) remains the best hammered dulcimer book on the market. Aside from 50 great fiddle tunes (including Soldier’s Joy, Liberty, Golden Slippers, The Irish Washerwoman, Drowsy Maggie, St. Anne’s Reel and more), you’ll find complete instructions on how to find your way around all those strings (there are a lot of them, aren’t there?), how to view them in a series of visual patterns that lead to tunes, how to play rhythms, plus valuable tips on how to play easily, using revolutionary ideas about how to hold the hammers and strike the strings, and what playing the dulcimer feels like. Bountiful exercises will help you play easily, and many of them are drawn from the tunes, giving you still more ways to reduce your learning time so you can get to the playing. Temporarily out of print; look for a new edition in 2016.


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