Canon in D


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The celebrated Canon in D, scored for the chord-and-release (C&R) method to play the diatonic autoharp. (If you play chromatic autoharp and have been thinking about playing diatonic C&R–imho, C&R is the most fun you can have playing an autoharp–this may be your excuse.)

This autoharp score contains all of Pachelbel’s notes (you’ve probably heard this piece enough times to know there are a lot).

The Canon sounds good by itself, but remember, a canon is much like the round, “Row, R0w, Row Your Boat,” in structure (Pachelbel scored this Canon for three parts), so gather up two diatonic autoharping friends (I am happy to be one of them)–plus a cellist, if you know one–and have at it. Each page of the score is printed on one side to eliminate page turns.

Included are four pages of score with chords and fingering in tricky spots, plus two pages, printed back-to-back, holding a glossary and playing helps. A free Dropbox link plays the score on the violin so you can hear it (it is a digital file prepared for pitch clarity; for the full effect, you gotta play the chords).

If you prefer, audio is available on CD as well.


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