Chords A-plenty – Instruction Book


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The essential resource and reference volume that will help you choose the right chord to play at the right time. Includes 41 pages of chord lists (successfully test-driven by my B&B students who do not read music) and more than a generous handful of tunes demonstrating chord use, plus valuable, simple description about how to determine a tune’s key, how to understand and use color chords (seventh, ninth, sus4/sus2, dim7 and augmented), an exclusive section on how to flesh out a melody’s back-up chords by ear, followed by lots of practical advice to help uncover all the chords a tune needs to transform it into a satisfying playing and listening experience. This book explains music theory as it relates to the autoharp, and is bound to change the way even the most experienced autoharpist thinks about chords. (And who knows? Maybe what’s here applies to guitar, piano, etc., too!) 164 pages, including 21 tunes and over 200 illustrations, fully indexed and spiral-bound to lay flat while you use it.


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