Forked Deer: Exploring Variations on a Theme


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The Pumping Felt Monograph Series

A growing collection of monographs (booklets diving deeply into one subject) devoted to “pumping felt,” (or what I now call chord-and-release playing on a diatonic autoharp. Each monograph (28-32 pages) is designed to help you master the diatonic autoharp, its music, and yourself as the musician. Most are geared for experienced diatonic autoharpists who are beyond the basics and want to fill in any musicality gaps.

Forked Deer: Exploring Variations on a Theme

What happens when you develop a tune as much as you can melodically? Here is my interpretation of one simple tune, over eight variations, to play and study. (Would I really perform a tune with that many play-throughs? Find out in this monograph!) The original tune and all variations appear in music notation with melody chords and commentary about fingering, chord choice, special effects, overall feel, etc. Includes a section at the end explaining how to arrange tunes. An essential reference for every performer and contest contender who wants to do more than play one version of a tune over and over again. Plus, it’s not just for autoharp; it’s for every instrumentalist and singer who wants to think beyond a melody as it is currently known.


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